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Kalyani Narayanan

Kavya Narayanan

Vice President

  • I love precious jewellery. Who doesn’t?
  • In my family, we have been buying precious jewellery for the past 30+ years. In addition, many others - my cousins, mom’s friends and clients who live abroad, often ask us to accompany them for their jewellery shopping whenever they visit Chennai. So, over the years, I can confidently say that we have visited most of the jewellers in the city – big and small, not to mention the various jewellery exhibitions that happen in the city throughout the year.
  • During these years, we have observed people bringing their own jewellery in exchange for buying new jewellery. We have done that too. We know so well how much money we lose when we give our jewellery in exchange for buying new jewellery. It is understandable if the jewellery we are exchanging is worn out, broken and unusable. But, sadly, I have seen some very new jewellery brought in for exchanges.
  • My mother and I have casually asked people why they are exchanging such new or sparingly used jewels knowing full well how much money they lose when they do that. There are many reasons: Sometimes, they want bangles so they are exchanging their necklace. Sometimes, the daughter did not like what the parents had purchased long time back so they want to buy something that she likes now, and many such reasons. It seemed wasteful that someone gives a big necklace to purchase bangles, and another one gives bangles to purchase a big necklace.
  • For Silver articles, we noticed that “exchanging” old silver items in showrooms leads to more than 20% being knocked off the gram price. E.g – If you take a silver lamp of 30 grams to exchange and today’s silver price is Rs.50 per gram, they don’t give cash, they only give you store credit for (30*50) minus 25% = Rs.1125, instead of Rs.1500. But the product you buy has over 15% making charges.
  • That is when I thought why not bring people who own jewellery that they want to sell and people who would like to buy pre owned jewel together for the benefit of both?
  • If a jeweller would purchase a piece of jewel for Rs 10000, the same piece if had to be bought new costs Rs 15000. I thought if we can bring the seller and the buyer together, the seller can possibly sell the jewellery for Rs 12,000 to the buyer. This way, both the seller and the buyer end up as winners.
  • That is exactly what this site does. We bring the seller and the buyer together, in a transparent, professional manner, allowing them to make a win-win transaction.
  • The technology allows us to accurately arrive at the quality, weight, etc. of any piece of jewel. Therefore, we can guarantee the buyer what he/she buys is a genuine product.
  • Go ahead and make use of the site. For a small fee, be a BIG winner.
  • Please share your feedback and ideas to me.
  • Thank you for your support.
  • Kavya Narayanan
    Vice President