First, I need to know if the necklace can be brought to me in Chennai. Currently, this service is provided only in Chennai.

Assuming you can bring the item to Chennai, we will assess the piece and arrive at a value. We will share the details with you. Together, we will arrive at a selling price.

Then we will upload the photographs of the item along with the agreed upon selling price.

Once we have a buyer who is interested to purchase the item, we will then complete the sale process.

When you are interested to buy an item, you already know the approximate price of the item. So, all you need to do is click on ‘Interested to buy’ button. The gold rate on the day you actually make the payment will apply. So, there may be price change depending on this.

We will call you and fix up an appointment whereby you can come and purchase the piece from the seller after remitting the money to his/her bank account and paying our service fee of 2.00% + taxes.

We charge a flat 2% (2.36% including GST) on the price of the item from the buyer as well as the seller. So, if you purchase an item for Rs 50,000, our fee would be Rs 1,000 + 180 GST.

We analyse the jewellery using metal analyser machine to ascertain the quality of the gold. If we find that an item has only 20 carats of gold instead of 22 carats, then we mention that in the item detail. The buyer pays only for gold calculated at 20 carats, not 22 carats.

Generally, the buyer need not pay anything for stones unless it is antique stones or diamonds or other precious stones. We will deduct certain stone weight which is calculated by experts in our team and the seller pays for the net weight. If there are precious stones, then based on the experts advice, the seller may decide to charge for the stones.

Yes. We have experts to assess the market value of an antique piece. We can allow people to bid for the piece over and above your asking price for agreed upon period. Then, we can offer the piece to the highest bidder. We charge 3% fee for antique pieces because of additional cost to bring an assessor.



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